Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Today we are covering the WWE superstar diva Charlotte Flair’s tattooed body.

Charlotte, is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, which admittedly gave her a boost and unfair advantage in the industry.

Her father has always been an inspiration and roll model to her, and this lead to her always wanted to join the wrestling industry, which she in 2012 after signing a contract with WWE.

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Charlotte Flair Rib Tattoo

The tattoo on Charlotte’s rib reads “Guard your heart above all else, for it will determine the course of your life”.

Charlotte says this is to remind her of the divorce she went through, and the pain she felt. Its a known quote from the Bible, which her sister also has tattooed on her body.

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Wrist Tattoo

A Little Patience” is what is written on the wrist of Charlotte.

This tattoo really does pull on the heart strings of Charlotte’s fans, as it is a reminder for her of her late brother Reid.

The wording is from her brother Reid’s favourite band, Guns N’ Roses from a song they wrote called “Patience” which Charlotte and Reid would often sing together.

This maybe one of the most meaning full tattoos that any WWE superstar has tattooed on their body.

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Charlotte’s Tribute to Her Brother

For any readers that do not know, Charlotte had a brother named Reid, who unfortunately died of a heroin overdose back in 2013.

The cross that Charlotte has tattooed on her is from a similar tattoo that Reid once had.

There is more family members such as Charlottes sister, that has the same tattoo on them in memory of Reid.

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

Charlotte Flair’s Nudes Leaked

Recently Charlotte Flair has had her nude selfies and pictures leaked online from an unknown source, and the case still remains open.

There has been several pictures of Charlotte leaked of her posing in front of what looks to be her mirror, posing nude or with very little clothing on.

If this is something you want to see, you can pretty much find them on a lot of sites with a simple search of “Charlotte Flair Nudes

Charlotte Flairs Tattoos

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